Only eggs from breeding flocks, with males, should be gathered for hatching purposes. This is to ensure that the eggs are fertile. This is also the reason why it is not advisable to buy hatching eggs from other farms because the fertility of these eggs is not sure.

To optimize the quality of the chicks and avoid losses in incubation, hatching eggs should be selected from the breeding yard with the right male/female ratio of either (single mating) or 1:3 or 5 (Hock mating). The weight of the hatching eggs should be between 45-55 grams depending on the age and genetic line of the breeding stocks.


Even before the Spanish colonizers landed in our shores, our forefathers were already fighting roosters. According to Magellan’s chronicler Pigafetta when they landed in the island of Palawan, “We found the natives fighting huge, but tamed roosters”.

In a case study by American Scott Guggenheim, who stayed in Cagayan Valley for almost two years, it was mentioned that the Filipino’s fondness for cockfighting was employed by the Spaniards to govern the natives easier. People were living so far apart from each other. The rulers built cockpits and the natives transferred around the establishments. It was also thru cockfighting that the first acts of taxation were implemented.


When we talk about Bicol, the Bicol Express comes to mind. This refers to both the coconut milk-laced chili cuisine, and the steel trains of the Philippine National Railways (PNR) that connects the region and Manila.

Covering the peninsula that comprises Albay, Camarines Sur; Camarines Norte, Sorsogon, and the island provinces of Masbate and Catanduanes. Bicol is gifted with natural and man-made tourist attractions. Add to that the centuries-old religious and cultural heritage that draws domestic and foreign visitors.


Amidst the noise tension and chaos inside the cockpit, there is a man who stands out amongst the throngs of people. He is not swayed by the stream of adrenaline which floods the emotions of cockfighting enthusiast in victory or defeat. With ice water running down his veins, he does not get affected by the cheers and jeers of the crown every time his roosters win spectacularly or get beaten unexpectedly. In the face of adversity, he remains calm and collected, focusing only on making his battlecocks perform to the satisfaction of the betting public.

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